Deep brand partnership to iteratively improve their digital presence

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Our five year partnership with has seen us help usher the company from a scrappy startup, to a recently acquired industry leader. With their unique, approach to health insurance that focuses on customer and online experience over a brick and mortar presence – they need to be on top of their game. Here’s how we helped them.

From the start’s original logo and brand communications was fit for a startup. From the start, we worked alongside their team to create a fresh, coherent brand that worked across a multitude of online and offline mediums. Health’s target market, in the early days, focussed around sports. Supporting this target market, we engaged in a multitude of sponsorships that were uniquely Australian and digitally fresh.


Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground.

Every customer gets their own personal assistant

That wasn’t enough though. We wanted to go one step further and give each customer direct access to an assistant for their health. By carefully studying the support centre together, we’ve been able to create a chatbot that acts as a customer service agent.

Although in its early stages, Heath has already proven himself to improve both sales and the customer experience. He gets smarter every day.


Director / Developer

They are accessible

An entirely digital brand needs a website that is functional, beautiful, and user friendly. To achieve this vision we completely overhauled their marketing site, including a re-design of the quoting and signup experience. Our overhaul of the design and user experience resulted in a noticeable uptake in signups – a 2000% increase on mobile alone.

They have a great customer experience

Through our research with the customer experience team we noted that there were a handful of requests customers frequently called for – making claims, checking limits and checking product information. In order to streamline support and provide a better experience, we created an app that targeted these tasks and kept information only a tap away.

We continue to evolve

We’re constantly exploring new ways to improve the customer experience, open new sales channels and create more efficiency within the business. On top of that, we now understand health insurance like the back of our hands.


Design and development sprint


internal research, prototype testing, deep collaboration, native app


ROLLER know one thing well: ticketing. They are taking on the giants – Ticketmaster and Ticketek – by providing a better customer experience. We found a bottleneck in their end-to-end experience, specifically event entry. How can we make it faster? By creating harmony between hardware and software.

Seamless user experience in real life

We created a custom app, DOORLIST, which works flawlessly with the scanning devices ROLLER had purchased. It allows for seamless entry into events without waiting in line. DOORLIST provided visible proof that it’s possible to improve customer experience with technology.

The Result?

Whatʼs next?

We continue to work closely with ROLLER to bring new and awesome features to the app, for even speedier check-in and better customer delight.

If that wasn’t enough, we also designed their stellar website: Check it out

Connie George is your personal office assistant. Connie welcomes your guests into the office, sends you a message to notify you who is here and what they are here for.

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It was taxing trying to find admin assistants prepared to work long hours, six days a week to manage the high volume of deliveries and clients visiting our office. In the end it would always be one of us to answer the door, breaking up our day, and leaving us unable to focus on the client tasks at hand. We struggled to always know who was coming, and what they were here for. We wanted to avoid those awkward unprepared surprises from clients and delivery drivers.

Video Video

A 24/7 Digital Concierge

The 24/7 digital concierge gave us the opportunity to build a reliable digital assistant who would work 24/7 days a week with zero expenses.

By integrating Google Home with our Slack team, our office assistant was able to speak to clients and delivery drivers upon arrival. Whoever they were visiting would receive a direct message in Slack to notify them This allowed for zero confusion and the ease of being prepared for ever you were meeting

We didn’t have to hire a concierge – we built one.

Think you need a digital concierge to enhance the office?

You can contact us to get your hands on one.

Forget the buzzwords

This is how AI actually integrates into your everyday life. At Mayte, we’re building conversational experiences that make sense.