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Bots don’t take holidays

By Brynn

Business automation has become key in order to free up time to focus on the jobs that require more valuable attention.

Scheduling meetings, delivering reports, communicating with staff, taking notes and anything else that is an administrative task– a bot can do this for you.

You could say you already have a PA that you pay $55,000 a year that does all that already for you. Sure.

I could say this article isn’t for you. But let’s take a dive into how bots create savings for you.

How bots truly save you money

To truly understand the savings that this bot can create we must understand the cost of the tasks of this PA. So let’s calculate the time and value of these tasks;

The hourly rate of a $55,000 salary is about $27/hr give or take a few cents.

For the average office worker, 2.5 hours of their day is spent replying to emails. For a PA this would also consist of scheduling meetings that fit into executives calendars, forwarding important notes and emails and other planning tasks required.

What about the rest of the day? Sitting in on meetings note taking and creating summaries of meetings and desired outcomes to be forwarded to respected recipients for next steps. For the sake of this article lets say that’s about another 2.5 hours of the day.

Yes, there is still another 2 hours uncalculated for which I cannot calculate as I am sure these are physical tasks. Putting together hard copy documents and other errands that exist. Then 1 hour for lunch.

So on an average work week, a PA spends 5 hours a day x 5 days a week working on digital administrative tasks. That’s 25 hours a week so now we x that by 45 weeks a year. (Yes that’s how many work weeks are year are in AUS.)

So let’s do some quick math

25 hours a week x 45 weeks a year = 1,125 hours spent on digital admin tasks.

1,125 hours x $27 = $30,375… Spent on digital administrative tasks a year.

Now let me show you how we save that money spent on those tasks.

Who is the replacement?

Currently, there are two major bots that do a really good job of automating these digital administrative tasks. So let me introduce them to you.

First, meet Amy

She connects with your calendar, understands your personal preferences and removes that annoying email ping-pong from your life. Setting up meetings for you regularly and always checks back in to make sure everything is running smoothly.


Now let me introduce you to Eva

“Eva listens and records the conversation, helps take notes and identify action items to be organized for follow up. Connect what gets said to what gets done.” – Voicera 

Now let’s calculate the cost of these two lovely ladies for a year.

Amy is a monthly cost and doesn’t take holidays so let’s do that math below

$17/m x 52 weeks a year = $884

Now Eva.

Eva is currently free…

So to be quite Frank the tasks that normally cost you around $30,000 a year you can get done for under $1000.

Keeping in mind that Amy and Eva work 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. They never get sick, tired or take a holiday and forget the recruitment process while you are at it.

Let’s not forget that these two can scale also. Why not give your entire company digital PA’s I mean after all it is now more affordable and would dramatically increase productivity.

We’re not destroying jobs

From what we can see above there is no doubt that bots are starting to pave the way for the modern workforce and some of you might argue. “Robots are taking our jobs” “Robots still cant go get my coffee and run down to the shop to pick up some folders or do some photocopying”

But let’s get real here. We aren’t removing jobs we are creating more time for people to focus on the things that really matter in life. We are moving into a paperless world so get rid of staples and go get yourself a coffee before we figure out how to automate that also.

Oh, wait that’s already happening also.

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Is a chatbot something I should use?

By Harrison

It’s common to feel uneasy when new tech like chatbots start to take off and you aren’t sure if you should use it and how or where to begin!
The answer to this question is – are you ready to innovate in order to improve or achieve your goals more effectively?

Is it just a fad? will it survive the test of time? will it work? why should I trust something so new? “my old ways work fine at this point in time.”

I’m not going to sit here trying to convince you that chatbots and conversations are perfect for every digital interaction – because they aren’t. But I dare you to try and think of at least 2 interactions that you do daily with your mobile that cannot be done as a conversation — Go!

Sure maybe some interactions wouldn’t be perfect but I definitely couldn’t think of any interaction that wouldn’t work as a conversation.

Alright, time to put my money where my mouth is – right?
Let’s take a look at some of my daily mobile activities but done with current chatbots.

Checking the weather – Poncho (Messenger)

Check the current value of Bitcoin (yeah, that’s still on my mind in the morning) (Google assistant)

Check daily news (Google assistant)

Find/read interesting articles and post’s tailored to my interests (Neil)


Despite these everyday actions being quite menial, these are an example of how a conversation can be more rewarding. I was able to get what I wanted immediately after each question, making the expereience quick and easy. This concept of getting information to a user can be applied in vertiaully any circumstance that involves a digital experience.

Whether you want to create leads, sell a product, provide a service, ease customer service, build a brand, replace a native app or ANYTHING! you can apply a chatbot/conversation to do it more effectively (within reason).

So –
Do I think this is a fad?
No, this next UI development is simply the next greatest revolution in the UX field since the internet search (? Broad opinion I know, but this is a big deal).

Will it survive the test of time?
Without a doubt. This is only the beginning. The positive elements that this brings to user experience is something that we should not ignore. In the coming years, this use of tech will grow and become something that will change the way we interact with our devices.

Will it work?
Yes, if you have a creative product idea it is definitely worth considering a conversational interface.
Or maybe you want to improve your business internally and/or externally. The possibilities are endless and if done correctly, your business will benefit.

Why should I trust something so new?
What you are doing may be working but this is an improved way of achieving your goals more effectively. A chatbot can give users/customers what they need on the spot and gives them less reason to get distracted by other elements of communication.

My old ways work fine at this point in time.
It’s great to see good businesses do well, especially if they have innovative offerings. Just don’t get stuck in a loop of innovating with old standards and don’t ignore streams of communication that others are using.

Have thought of an awesome way to improve your business with a chatbot or conversational interface? We would love to hear your ideas.
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Did you know this post, along with all our posts are on Medium?